Yoga Teacher Training in London with Heather Elton & Guest Teachers – 200 hours RYT

This 200-hour training takes place in London – hosted at the Yogaloft in Queen’s Park over the summer of 2013. It’s designed to take you to the spiritual heart of the practice. Yoga is the path to enlightenment. While there are many different authentic paths of Hatha Yoga, we believe that they all distill down to ONE essential teaching that uses the body and the breath to liberate ourselves from suffering. Asana gives you freedom physically from illness and disease. Pranayama frees you from your regular breath and makes the pranic body vibrant and subtle. Meditation takes you deeper to understand how the mind works and seeks to liberate you from an unstable and unproductive mind. And this is where real liberation from suffering exists.

Our aim is to reveal the spiritual path underlying the practice and the technologies to stabilize the mind and so glimpse at the true nature of our minds – purusha (pure consciousness.) We want you to actually live the yogic reality – and to be able to take the practice off the mat and integrate the knowledge into your life and share it with others.

This Level 1 training provides an overview of different aspects of yoga. It’s designed to give you a TASTE of what it means to be a yogi. By the end of the training you will have gained knowledge on the following topics:


-Asana: Techniques/Training/Practice 



-The business of Yoga

-Yogic Philosophy, Ethics & Lifestyle for Yoga Teachers 

-Teaching: Group practicum and Presentation skills


Our teachers have a passion for Yoga and have dedicated their lives to the spiritual path. We are not fundamentalists preaching the dogma of one tradition. We take a comparative view that embraces all Yoga traditions and the big questions on the path to liberation. We walk the spiritual path and bring that experience to the course to guide you to find the qualities one needs to be an excellent teacher and embrace yoga into your life.


You will be lead by Heather Elton (Asana & Teaching Methodology), James Mallison (Philosophy), Chris Kummer (Anatomy & Biomechanics of Movement), Edward Clark (Tripsichore Vinyasa Yoga), Norman Blair (Yin & Restorative), Leela Miller (Neuroscience & Yoga Nidra) and Faustomaria Dorelli (Raja Yoga & Kirtan)



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