Samasati Nature Retreat: a Jungle Gem in Costa Rica

One-of-a–kind Hotel in Costa Rica. Nestled in 250 acres of virgin forest overlooking the Caribbean the resort is based on high standards of sustainable living, and is the perfect and romantic getaway for nature lovers, adventure fans, yoga practitioners and groups. A Tropical Gem on the Caribbean.
Nine Caribbean Bungalows are nestled into lovely tropical gardens. Built with precious woods exquisitely polished, all have private bathrooms with hot water and spacious verandas overlooking the jungle and the sea. Some have lofts, enabling use as a suite… with the bed upstairs and living room downstairs… or to accommodate three to four people. Beds have high quality single, queen or king size mattresses.
Food is vegetarian . Fish is always available and occasionally included in the menu. We use organic locally grown products as much as possible. Fruits comes from Samasati’s land. Chocolate comes fron nearby cacao plantations.You will be amazed of how tasty and varied vegetarian food can be!

Yoga Classes are offered daily at Samasati at 6:30 AM and 5:00 PM.Our Yoga Teacher, Max Monti, was influenced and studied, starting at a young age, the vision and teaching of mystics and yogis like Rumi, Krishnamurti , Gurdjieff, Tagore , Yogananda among others. By the age of 20 was traveling to India where he spend several years deepening his practice in the Jnan, Bhakti and Karma branches of Yoga. Extensive travels throughout India, Nepal, Sri Lanka ,the Middle East ,North Africa as well as the Americas, Australia and Europe brought him in contact with different spiritual paths widening the spectrum of ways in the quest of Human Consciousness Growth. In the middle 90’ies co-founded and contributed in the creation and realization of Samasati Nature Retreat. Inspired by gifted teachers, in the last 16 years he ventured into the journey of the practice and study of Hatha Yoga experiencing different styles like Ashtanga , Iyengar , Kundalini , Bikram and Yin. Max currently holds workshops and teaches private and daily classes at the Samasati Nature Retreat in Costa Rica , combining a wide repertoire of Asanas and sequencing with Pranayama , meditations , talks…and fun.The emphasis here is that the yoga on the mat can be a great pleasure and off the mat can be an amazing blessing.

Samasati’s Yoga rooms are two exquisitely designed, hexagonal buildings surrounded by jungle and gardens. Screened and ventilated, the rooms are equipped with a quality sound system and all kinds of yoga props (mats, blocks, straps, back bending benches, cushions) are available upon request.


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