Prenatal Yoga

Sünje O’Clancy, MA, Registered Prenatal Yoga Teacher (RPYT) added prenatal yoga classes to her teaching schedule in 2000 after her first child was born. Giving birth twice allowed her to experience the benefits of prenatal yoga first hand. “My prenatal yoga classes are definitely a highlight in my week. It is a very special experience to practice yoga with expectant moms. I enjoy watching their bellies grow and it is an extraordinary joy to meet the babies after they have been born.”

“I recall using a lot of the affirmations you shared with us during the ending relaxation to get through labor.  Thank you so much, I will never forget how powerful the experience was and how big a part the yoga and your voice played.  I know my recovery has been faster as well.  I really enjoyed taking your class because it was so centering and relaxing as I progressed through my pregnancy and was something I really looked forward to.”

“Thank you so much for the loving energy you brought to our lives every week. Your class was one of my favorite things about being pregnant.”

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