Yoga Yellow Pages Frequently Asked Questions on Listings:

What is Yoga Yellow pages (YYP)?

Yoga Yellow Pages (YYP) is most comprehensive web-directory; provides information about yoga, Yoga teachers, Yoga centres, retreats etc we do not charge anything for the general-listings.

What is Yoga Yellow pages listing?

If you run any yoga business, please get your yoga business profile listed with us. Your listing will provide you an instant web presence on our website with great exposure. If you’re already online, your listing will act as a billboard directing people to your business’s website. YYP can help you get out there and establish yourself on the web.

You get a full page with all your business information. Add as much info as you want, even a photo or your logo, packages etc.  This is especially important if you don’t yet have your own website

 How can list my yoga business profile with YYP and how much will it cost?

We have a simple listing process. Just  register with us (Create your login id), click on the  Add listings on the home page, and follow the two step process:

Step-1 fill up your listing details, click on continue.

Step-2 upload image or logo associated with your business profile and click on the confirm listing.

We do not charge anything for listing with us.

 How can I contribute to YYP.

 As a yoga expert, you can post your own articles and research work related to yoga so it can be useful for the masses for the sake of humanity and betterment of the mankind.

As a end user, you can tell your friends, share on your facebook, twitter and Google plus profile so they can be benefited form YYP.

is my e-mail id is safe with YYP and can not be misused.

 Yes, Our listing system do not display publicly your e-mail id so you will not be spammed or sent un-necessary e-mails though, you will be communicated directly when your potential customer contact you.

How can I search for yoga centers, yoga teacher etc in my country?

You can use our search options displayed on our home page.  If you want your search to be more specific towards your country or place, click on the advance search option, fill up your search criteria, and click on the start search.

What I should do if my website is already listed on the YYP and how can take the ownership of my listing.

 First register with us and search your yoga profile in our data base through search or advance search options displayed on our home page. You will see a message box under heading claim this listingDoes this listing belongs to you or your company?” Click here to claim this listing now. If your login e-mail id matches with e-mail in our records (Important), you will be owner of the listing. Update your records timely.

What if I am not able to claim listing on the website?

Don’t worry, You can create your new listing as per your requirement. Our system will delete duplicate entry after some time.

 Does this also allow me to add a description and more photos of my profile?

 You can update details and photos of your claimed listing or your created listing any time.

 Can I have more than one listing with YYP?
Yes, you can have more than one listing for YYP, In case, you deal with more than one segment like, your run as yoga centre and sale yoga products than you can have two listing for each category. Please do not post duplicate listings (more than one listing for the same time of business).
What if I want to change my contact details?

Login to your our YYP website and change your contact details of your created listing or claimed listing.

My question is not answered here. What should i do?

Feel free to contact us with your Listing questions, YYP team will get back to you ASAP.