A New Start for 2014! 5 Day Detox with Jill Ruttenberg, reg. herbalist/nutritionist

During These Five Days You Will Be eating/drinking a diet of fresh tropical fruits, detoxifying teas, organic vegetables and raw foods with some added raw nuts, eggs, fish and shakes for protein. It is a time to purify and cleanse not only the physical body, but the mind and emotional body as well. You will learn about good nutrition, which foods are good for your particular body type and how to manage emotional eating.
Within this small group of people, we encourage you to spend time alone, take meditative walks, practice gentle Hatha yoga, treat yourself to relaxing massages and immerse yourself in nature here at AmaTierra. You will leave feeling lighter, healthier and more balanced!


Join us January 4th – 9th, 2014 at AmaTierra in the Central Valley of Costa Rica


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